Successful Capacitor Replacements  
  Here is some of the recappings I did. It is not so difficult, you can do this successfully too.  
  3com Officeconnect 8port hub - I did 3 of these replacing each time 4 caps with Panasonic FC at a cost of 3 euro. Now they will last for a very long time. 3com was very cheap in specifying crap caps on these units to save so little money in the end. I would not recommend these units to friends.  
  MSI MS-6337 815e board, replaced all the caps with Panasonic FC, works fine now. That is a good board for recapping, very easy to work on.  
  MSI MS-6163 Pro - replaced all the caps above 1000uf with Panasonic FC. This was before I found a source for correct diameter caps. You can see that I had great difficulty installing 10mm caps at the positions where there were 8mm. I had to put some caps at an angle. It looks pretty bad but the board works fine.  
  Asus P4B266-E with one failed Taicon capacitor HI series 3300uf 6.3v, measuring quite high esr of 0.30 ohm. The others from the same series and also the green Taicon HD 1200uf 16v tested fine. This does not mean though that they would not fail in the future.  
  Recapped with Rubycon MCZ 1500uf 16v and 3300uf 6.3v  
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